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art of scribble seesaw tee

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"Hey! How come this kid is heavier than m- OH! OH MY! IS THAT A GIRAFFE?!"

When exposed to sunlight, a giraffe appears along side the kid on the seesaw, thus solving the mystery. 

Add'tl Info: 
Dry inside out
Dry indoors away from sun
Do not bleach

About SCRBL (The Art of Scribble): 

SCRBL likes to take a more humorous route to show off their creativity through the comfort of clothing. 
This shirt is made with a special "Sun-tech" ink, to take the extra step of creative expressing through their clothing. When you go outside, the UV from the sun activates their hidden message. Go back indoors, then the message will be hidden again. 

This brand believes that with this busy world, and fast paced life style, one thing that can help us feel a little more human again is scribbling. SCRBL uses a humorous approach through the creativity of the stories revealed in the clothing. With the laughter and comfort their shirts provide, they want to keep you reminded of your humanity despite all the hustle and bustle this world throws at you. 

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